A New Bodyscape Collection!

As promised, I am working on a new series for the Bodyscape collection!
A while back, I did a series of bodyscapes with two models.More recently
I have been wanting to do bodyscapes with two models, where one was white
and one black. You might have noticed that the most recent new image "long putt"

is the first of that series. It is sometimes hard to notice the color of the model's
skin, as the lighting and shadows often add dark areas that alter the tones. But the effect is different when I actually use a darker skinned model. The second image from this new series is the "Asian fisherman - 2". Stay tuned for additional images!

Some of you may know that my Bodyscape photographs are featured in a chain of waxing salons called "Lunchbox Wax" that are opening around the country! This chain began in Idaho and now can be found in many cities across the nation - with about a dozen new ones opening this year! These salons are very modern, high tech affairs, with a large canvas bodyscape print in every one of the rooms. Their theme is that by removing hair, the person can "bare their beauty" and as such the Bodyscape photos reinforce that theme! They produced a small book of my work entitled "Bare your beauty" which was distributed at the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago.