Information for Galleries and Collectors


I am happy to work with galleries who wish to sell any size bodyscapes – paper, canvas or metal. The retail price range is from $70 to $2000. Please contact us for information on our policies regarding gallery representation and shows.
Allan Teger  845-430-8388
Jo Zaza  772-231-9948
Studio Manager / Web Designer   
We appreciate the many people who collect Bodyscapes – of all sizes. In addition to the images shown on this website, there are additional items that may be of interest to collectors. The first Bodyscape book is long out of print, but there are still some copies available.



Please check the website from time to time to see other special offerings for collectors.
Of all the photographers participating in art fairs around the country, there is probably no one whose work is as widely collected as that of Allan Teger.”
- Art Fair
Bodyscapes will eventually be very collectable.”
- John Bennett (teaches photo collecting at NYU)

Collector's Corner