Custom Bodyscapes with YOU as the model!

You ought to be in pictures!

 . . . Custom Bodyscapes with YOU as the model!

Come to Allan’s studio and be the model for a series of custom Bodyscapes that you design!

The studio is in Vero Beach Florida – a great destination! You choose the topics of the Bodyscapes. (for example: a skier on the butt, a fisherman by the navel etc).

  • We shoot four different set-ups in the studio. This takes about 3 hours. You can see preliminary results immediately.
  • You will receive an email in about a week, with two proofs of each of the four set-ups. From these proofs, you will choose three images.
  • Within about two weeks you will receive signed, collector’s edition matted prints of the three images that you have chosen. (11 x 13 image, matted 20 x 24) You may order additional prints at the regular prices as shown on

 Custom Shoot Price:  $2000.   This price includes a phone consultation to determine which set-ups we will shoot; the studio session; 8 proofs by email; three matted, signed, collector edition photographs; shipping.  Note that the standard price for three collector edition prints would be $975 – so the additional cost of the custom studio shoot is only about $1000.

This is a great gift for a special person in your life!

 Something to think about. … NO – you do NOT have to be in great shape or lose weight in order to be a model! Only a very small portion of the body is used in each photo – NO ONE IS PERFECT, BUT EVERYONE HAS SOME GOOD PARTS!! My regular models are not professional – just regular folks like you!

  • No one will ever know that you were the model – unless you tell them!
  • Come alone or with a friend/partner.
  • Its best to make an appointment well in advance
  • Feel free to call or write to discuss the project or to make an appointment!
  • Contact: Allan Teger   845-430-8388