Free 2021 Bodyscapes Calendar!

download bodyscapes 2021 free calendar

The 2021 Bodyscapes Calendar is ready for you to download from this site! Its free and it is our gift to you for the holidays. We choose an image that is not too erotic - so it should be fine to post at work! We have been making a calendar each year for a while now, and I know that some customers collect them!

There is still time to order online for Christmas - with free standard shipping. Not having been at an art show since early March, its been very gratifying to see how many people remembered the Bodyscapes when they needed Christmas gifts! We have kept the UPS man busy picking up orders from my front doorstep every few days!

Its been a difficult year for all of us, but I think we have also learned a lot this year. I know I learned to shop online more than ever - and I was surprised at how easy it is! We even order groceries online for delivery or curbside pickup!

Have a great holiday! Lets trust that the coming year will be one of renewal and joy as we eventually return to normal life - hopefully wiser and with renewed energy.

Happy Holidays!

Allan Teger
Jo Zaza
Studio Manager

Download your free calendar here!

Bodyscapes Free 2021 Calendar