The Holiday's are approaching!

Hi Folks! Now that the election is over we can start to pay attention to the fact that the holidays are coming soon! With art festivals still feeling a bit iffy - to say the least - I hope that you bodyscape fans will find the gifts you need on the website. We ship UPS - sometimes FEDEX, and we guarantee that your order will arrive safe and sound. We usually can get the order out to you within a week of receiving it. Some things are going to be different this holiday season, but the one thing that hasn't changed, is the fact that Bodyscapes make terrific gifts. There are a lot of new images here on the site (look at the "all new bodyscapes" collection. And of course all the old classics are available also.

Remember - there is NO shipping charge, and the 20% discount that has been in place since the pandemic began, is still here to make holiday shopping easier! We can easily ship any item - including large metal and canvas pieces. . . all with no shipping charge.

Happy Holiday Season!!