Collector's Corner

During the 45 years that I have been shooting bodyscapes, there have been a number of unusual, fun side trips which have produced some interesting results. From time to time, we will add items to this collection. These items are sometimes one of a kind, and sometimes produced in small quantities.

The first offering to collectors are the "one-of-a-kind" bodyscapes.These images were shot on film, and developed by me in my own darkroom. After making a single print (plus an artist's proof for my own collection), the negative is cancelled. That is, I punched a hole in the original negative, so that no additional prints could be made from it. This follows the traditional method of cancelling a print from centuries ago. It was the tradition to sell the cancelled (scratched) printing plate with the final print of the edition.

This offering consists of 6 one-of-a-kind items with the original cancelled negative included. They are framed in Neilson frames with non-glare plexiglass. There is a certificate of authenticity on the back. Price includes shipping.