Collector's Corner

Not traveling to art festivals these days has given me some extra time to sort through items stored in my studio. I came upon a set of one-of-a-kind images that I had produced just before I stopped using film and moved to digital images.

I knew that film was going to be an "antique process" soon, and I wanted to do something special with it before I moved on. The result was this series. Each image was shot on film, and I then made only one print for sale (plus an artists proof for my own file). After I had printed the image in the darkroom, I cancelled the negative by punching a hole in it. That would prevent the negative from ever being used again. Each print is framed along with the cancelled negative.

There are a lot of people who collect my Bodyscape prints now, and I often speak to collectors who want something very special. They want something that no one else has. These one-of-a-kind pieces are exactly that! The people who get these will have something that is totally unique - totally special, something that they alone will have.

Check out the "Collector's Corner" to see the collection - and keep an eye on this collection, as other items will be added from time to time!